Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Beginnings

Welcome to my new blog ... one dedicated to supporting young people wholistically with their learning.  Every new venture needs an entry point.  I have two!  For young people in Rockingham I am offering my services as a specialist tutor (trained with Dyslexia Speld Foundation in Perth) on school premises every Thursday. Dyslexia Speld will provide my name to those parents who have had their child assessed through DSF and parents will need to liaise with their child's school if this is an option they wish to pursue. For those parents not currently associated with DSF you will need to become a member to access my services (about $75 a year) and reap the benefits that come with access to their wonderful resources and expertise.

My second start up platform I am building through  This is a collective workspace and entreprenurial venture located in St George's Terrace Perth.  This organisation is an inspiring example of what our young people of all educational backgrounds will bring to the future of our community.  I look forward to bringing my realm of future creativity to the collective as well as taking some of what they offer to broader networks.  Keep this site posted!

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